Executive Director’s Message

Monika Boeckmann, SSA Executive Director Monika Boeckmann
Executive Director

It’s Sunday morning and a sliver of light was carving itself a thin slice through my kitchen window. As I looked up from doing the dishes, I saw a slightly stooped, frail old man walking across the newly green lawn. It took a second for my brain to register that I knew that man. He was my father, the man who has been my hero for almost 60 years.  He has always been so strong, so wise, so sure. He was my rock and he could do anything.

I am the oldest daughter of an immigrant family, and I have always known that someday, I would be caring for my parents. It was never really discussed. It never really came up, it just was! On that early spring morning, as I looked at that man in my yard, I realized that someday was today.

My eyes filled and I was overtaken with emotions and questions. What does he need? How will I know what to do? How can I help without damaging his self-worth? How can I make sure he is safe without restricting his freedom? What should I do if he doesn’t want my help or is not ready to admit that he may need it? Where will I find the time with my own insanely hectic life to be for him all that he has been for me?

I remember that moment, those feelings and that anxiety, and I remember turning to the Ulster County Office for Aging for assistance. They connected me to every kind of service and support imaginable within my own community and together my parents, dedicated staff from various programs and I figured it out.

Life is so extraordinary, so glorious and serendipitous, for now I have been given the opportunity to pay it forward. I have been given the honor of becoming the Executive Director of Senior Services of Albany (SSA), and for me the mission of SSA is personal. It is my mission, my vision and my passion for SSA to partner with you and your family to help all of the heroes who have given so much to our generation, to this community, to our country live the best life they can live.

Please let us become part of your family’s solutions. We can help with providing a hot nutritious meal, transportation for shopping and medical appointments, showing you ways to stretch your income, making sense of government forms, advising you on insurance issues, being a friend. If today is that someday, and you or your hero needs a bit of extra support, pick up the phone and call (518) 465-3322.  We will keep the light on for you.

— Monika Boeckmann, Executive Director